1. Kin Tape for Kids

    What is Kinesiology tape? K-tape is a specific type of tape applied to an area of the body to: Increase blood circulation to the tissue under the taped area Decrease swelling by raising the tissue and reliving pressure beneath the skin surface Depending of the way its applied it can also help streng…Read More

  2. Is posture more than just about how you look and feel?

    Posture is not only about how you look or how good you feel, it’s also about cognitive function. If you have ever walked into a classroom you would have noticed two types of students; the ones sitting up straight and engaged in learning and the ones slouched and unengaged in learning. But what doe…Read More

  3. Video: Take a Tour of our Center

    Join us for a tour of our center and see why we are so passionate about supporting moms and their families. Dr. For Moms is a fully integrated village created to serve women throughout fertility, pregnancy and life with babe. We are staffed with prenatal and pediatric chiropractors, naturopaths, mas…Read More

  4. 10 Reasons You Need a Homeopath

    Would you benefit from seeing a homeopath? Here are our top ten reasons to schedule your next homeopath appointment. Homeopathic medicine gets to the cause and helps the body heal. Chronic and recurring conditions such as sleep problems, asthma, autoimmune disease, brain injury, skin problems, diges…Read More

  5. Chiropractic for Kids!

    Children these days are busier than ever; running from skating practice to dance class to music lessons. Health and wellness tips are everywhere when it comes to adults but we often think of our kids as healthy and sometimes even invincible. Every tumble, bump, slip and fall has an impact on a child…Read More