If your baby is breech – we can help. As part of the full protocol to help optimize baby’s position, we offer the following therapies:


Through the use of the Webster technique, promotion of optimal fetal positioning has been proven to be very successful. For more information, click the links below:

The Webster Defined – Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy


The New Zealand Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for Care of Women with Breech Presentation (4) recommends that

moxibustion may be offered to women from 33 weeks gestation. Research has also demonstrated that moxibustion can have a significant effect in helping to turn breech babies (5). Ideally treatment would begin at 34-35 weeks, but it can still be beneficial

when used later in the pregnancy. Other traditional Chinese Medicine techniques can also help babies that are not in the optimal position prior to birth, such as those in posterior position. Book your appointment today

​Naturopathic Medicine

Seeing a naturopath can also help to promote turning of a baby. To find out more and to book your appointment with Dr. Clarke, click here.

Cranioscral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy can help you to prepare for the birth experience you wish for. It can align your pelvis, and in contact with you and your unborn baby it supports your child to find an optimal position for birth. This can be remarkably advantageous if your baby is in breech position.To learn more, ask our front desk or book an appointment.

For more information and resources around breech presentation, please click below.

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