Just as proper attention to teeth can prevent problems later in life, proper attention to the development of the spinal structure can lead to fewer spinal and health problems as adults. Learn more about optimal health for children and find out how progressive parents are helping their children live healthier lives in the spirit of prevention and leaving a legacy of good health habits for generations to come.

We are over the top kid and family friendly. Find out about Kids and Child Care at the Dr. For Moms Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Chiropractic Care for Infants and Children

If you’ve wondered about chiropractic for your children, or weren’t sure why a child might need chiropractic care view these articles and links.

Why Chiropractic Care for Children?

Why Should Children Have Chiropractic Care?

Colic: Chiropractic can Help

Colic: Infantile Colic

Ear Infections

Ear Infections: Do Recurrent Ear Infections Have You Confused?

Ear Infections: Heard the latest on childhood ear infections?

Do you Dream about stopping your child’s bedwetting?

Plagiocephaly (Head Shape concerns) and Torticollis

Dr. Hort has been educating parents on and clinically managing babies with torticollis and plagiocephaly for over 20 years with excellent results. Her focus is on proper function of the spine and nervous system that in turn allows for proper reshaping of the cranium and facial bones, versus simpy the aesthetics (how it looks) of the conditions. Dr. Hort works collaboratively with your physio therapist when needed to provide you with all the information you need to prevent and/or treat the issues that have lead to a misshapen head due to positioning issues, in-utero positioning and/or birth trauma.


If you or your children need to carry a backpack, learn how to do it properly and avoid creating back/neck pain or long term problems. Be sure to have a ‘backpack check’ next time you are in!

  • At School with the 21st Century Child
  • Buying a Backpack
  • Carrying the Backpack into the Schools

Backpack Safety Program

Dr. For Moms’ Backpack Safety Program

In this day and age backpacks have become a necessity for many. If you or your children need to carry one, learn how to do it properly and avoid creating back/neck pain or long term problems. Our Chiropractors offer a comprehensive backpack program to help kids stay healthy and become more aware of their posture.

  • The Dr. For Moms’ backpack safety program includes:
  • In office backpack evaluations and instruction on proper use
  • A computerized postural analysis highlighting areas of stress/strain
  • In classroom demonstrations and instruction on proper use of backpacks
  • Backpack instructional in service for teachers
  • Handouts and activity sheets for parents, teachers and children