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The Postpartum Period & Acupuncture


Becoming a new mother is a wonderful and difficult job.


Many factors combine during postpartum, like blood loss during delivery and a lack of sleep, to create a natural deficiency in new mothers. Chinese Medicine helps to restore balance; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. One’s whole being gets nourished and rectified.


There is so much emphasis on childbirth that women (as well as friends and family) forget that what happens after the birth is just as important for the wellbeing of mom.

Acupuncture helps with postpartum symptoms like :

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Fatigue

  • Bleeding

  • Anxiety

  • Excessive yeast

  • Emotions

A healthy, well supported postpartum period can be the difference between being able to successfully breastfeed, going back to feeling like yourself again, getting back into shape, and even being able to conceive another child in the future.


The tough part is, how do you take extra care of yourself while caring for this new little human being you have just brought into the world?

Acupuncture at Dr. For Moms is provided by:

Dr. Suhani Shah, ND


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