10 Reasons You Need a Homeopath

November 27, 2017


Would you benefit from seeing a homeopath?  Here are our top ten reasons to schedule your next  homeopath appointment.  


1.  Homeopathic medicine gets to the cause and helps the body heal.  Chronic and recurring conditions such as sleep problems, asthma, autoimmune disease, brain injury, skin problems, digestive issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorders can all be helped with homeopathy.


2.  Acute infectious disease such as ear or throat infections, childhood illnesses, fevers, cold and flu all respond beautifully to homeopathic medicine to shorten the time of illness and reduce the likelihood of complications without the use of toxic medicines.


3.  If you suspect long-term repercussions in a child, such as medical interventions during conception, pregnancy or delivery, homeopathy can go back to traumatic