Kin Tape for Kids

October 12, 2018

 What is Kinesiology tape?


K-tape is a specific type of tape applied to an area of the body to:

  • Increase blood circulation to the tissue under the taped area

  • Decrease swelling by raising the tissue and reliving pressure beneath the skin surface

  • Depending of the way its applied it can also help strengthen a weakened muscle by providing information from the skin and muscles to the brain to increase muscle activity

  • Decrease pain and muscle spasm

How can it help kids?


Relief of Pain and Swelling  – When  applied to an injured or inflamed area, children can get some relief without having to take pain medication or sit through icing and therapy treatments.


Orthopedic Treatment – Children often don’t understand the purpose or have the patience for rehabilitation exercises, so kinesiology tape provides an additional or alternative treatment option for children with orthopedic injuries, weak or underdeveloped muscles, gait abnormalities, paralysis and even poor posture.