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Chiropractic for the Athletic Child

The current generation of children are more athletic than ever before. While this is great, there has also been a larger emphasis on strict training schedules starting at earlier ages. Often time kids are beginning intensive training by the age of 10. At this age, a child’s body has not fully developed and they are still getting used to their changing bodies and learning to coordinate and control their movements. These young athletes are relishing the physical, social and emotional benefits of sports, however there are also risks to be aware of some of which include concussion, repetitive strain & sprain injuries as well as improper technique leading to spinal and body deformation. Before your child begins to become more invested in their sport or activity, consider chiropractic care to prepare them for the demands physical activity will have on their bodies.


Chiropractic care for young athletes will focus on the function of the entire body including the musculoskeletal and nervous system.  In simple terms, the brain communicate with the entire body through a central nervous system. The communication takes place though nerves that are housed in the spine, and this communication between the brain and the body through these nerves determines how quickly and accurately the body can react to stimulus. It is important that this communication is at its optimal function or the body will not function at 100% capability because it doesn’t get the communication it needs to allow your child to excel at their sport. 


Dr. de Castro will assess your child’s musculoskeletal function, spinal function, walking gait and sport specific gait (running, skating etc.), strength of specific muscles and any other weakness or compensation of movement that your child may be experiencing with or without symptoms. The treatment to correct these dysfunctions may include a combination of chiropractic care, athletic taping/ k-tape, myofascial release, exercises specific to their needs as well as education on prevention, injury care and nutrition. 

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