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Biodynamic Craniosacral for Children and Babies

BCST is a safe and gentle therapy well known for its effectiveness in treating babies and children.  Through the use of light touch, BCST can have a profound effect by resolving issues early in life and preventing long term impact on the child's physical and emotional being.  

By facilitating the release of restrictions in the body it helps to restore balance and optimal functioning of the nervous system.

It is beneficial in treating babies and children that present with asymmetrical head shapes, torticollis, digestive issues, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep issues and neurological problems.

It is recommended before and after any medical procedures, and for behavioural regulation.

Babies and children often love this gentle, non-invasive, soothing work and respond quickly to the changes their system needs.

Craniosacral therapy at the Dr. For Moms Center is provided by:

Michele Greco RMT

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