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The Fourth Trimester

"Hands down, this is when I see women have the toughest time physiologically."

- Dr. Patricia Hort


The many challenges of being a new parent with the significant and dramatic changes that occur right after the birth of a baby, there's no question as to why.


Throughout pregnancy, the birth process and early post partum, your body has undergone many stressful events and some type of recovery/rehabilitation to reach your pre-pregnancy state should be sought. Chiropractic adjustments can quicken recovery time, assist the body in normalizing overall pelvic and spinal biomechanics and help you overcome the postural issues and discomfort created by taking care of your new baby. 


Be at your best to take the best care of your baby and really thrive in momhood. We'll show you how with our multidisciplinary approach to support you through this exciting time or to help you recover from a specific condition associated with labour and delivery.  We've got your back (and your pelvic floor!)


Chiropractic Care & Post-Partum

Your body has to be able to move properly in order for you to function with good body biomechanics throughout your day.  If that isn't happening, your body will compensate and you will experience discomfort, injuries, and fatigue to mention a few.  You don't want that to be the case at any time in your life, and especially not when you are a busy new mom.

So that's where we start.  It's about structure and function. Once you have a strong and stable foundation the rest can be very easy.

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