Our mission is to help as many babes enter this world with grace, respect, and love and to help moms thrive in momhood.  We are so thankful that we get to celebrate moms and babies everyday.


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Here's what others have had to say:

My newborn son was having some painful gas issues and I didn't like seeing him in pain. A friend recommended Infant Chiropractic care, which led us to Dr. Hort. She has been amazing! She has a natural way with children and a true gift with her skills. After just a couple of sessions we noticed a definite improvement in our son's health and demeanor. We couldn't be happier or more relieved. Infant Chiropractic works and Dr. Hort is amazing.



I would like to thank Dr. Hort for her amazing prenatal care during 3 of my 4 pregnancies. I started seeing Dr. Hort during my second pregnancy to correct our sons breech position and to alleviate sciatic pain. She was able to help him move into proper position and correct the discomfort I was feeling. I experienced a natural labour in only 1 hour and 45 minutes with no complications.


When we knew we were expecting our third little one there was no question that I would visit Dr. Hort for prenatal care again. We welcomed our third child in 1 1/2 hours. There was minimal contractions and pushing. After only 20 minutes in the delivery room and 2 pushes, our daughter was born. The experience was amazing.


We are now expecting our fourth baby, and I have returned to Dr. Hort once again. She has a large part to play in making sure my body is comfortable during pregnancy and prepared for labour. I am confident that this labour will be just as wonderful of an experience. This is how natural child birth should be.



I started seeing Dr. Hort while pregnant. She was very helpful and made my pregnancy a lot easier because I was really sore and my pelvic area was closed up. Thanks to chiropractic I had an excellent birth which was VBAC. 3 1/2 hours total labor and no complications.


Thanks so much Dr. Hort!



I was referred to Linda at by a dear friend. I was at my wits end, frustrated and scared by a health problem my youngest son had. Starting at about one year of, he began getting unexplained fevers. Really high bizarre, fevers with no obvious symptoms of infection. A few trips to the ER had doctors thinking it must be ear infection or maybe bladder. So after a couple of uneccasary antibiotic prescriptions I wondered what could be causing these episodes.


Then I began tracking the fevers, symptoms and timing. I noticed a pattern. Every 4 weeks, almost to the hour the fevers would start. It began with stomach pain, headache, neck and back ache. He would be "off", clingy and whiny. Then bang, the fever would pop


One summer night, after battling with one of these fevers, my son suffered a 7-8 minute grand mal seizure. It was the most terrifying thing I have gone through. He turned blue, and to me it seemed as though he wasn't breathing. After a frantic 911 call we were headed to the hospital. There they gave us great care, but no answers. Febrile Seizure is all they could say it may be. I wasn't satisfied with this diagnosis. I needed more information.


I was referred to a specialist by my GP. After seeing him, they determined that my boy suffered from what they called PFS. Periodic Fever Syndrome. It could be one of 5-6 genetic disorders. All of which are not curable. They mentioned steroid use to fight some of the symptoms, but also mentioned liver problems with children who use steroids for long periods of time. This diagnosis was awful and the possible treatments worse. I prayed and prayed for a way to help my boy. I decided I had to take my sons health into my own hands and search for help elsewhere.


My answer to prayer was Linda Miller. She is kind and caring. She truly listened to me, she really heard what I was saying without judgement. Just concern and a desire to help us. After the initial appointment with Linda, I gave my son the remedy she prescribed. That whole next year, being treated by Linda, my son had just one episode. The one he did have was less intense and shorter in length.


Linda has been treating my son for a few years now. And I am happy and overjoyed to say he is a healthy, happy 4 year old; full of spunk and energy. Linda now sees my whole family! We all have had many amazing successes with homeopathy. I highly recommend Linda! Calgary and area are truly blessed to have such amazing health options!

I wish I had learned about Dr. Hort's Chiropractic care earlier. My son is a new, happier baby thanks to her expertise. My son was diagnosed with silent acid reflux and with too many visits to the doctor; experimenting with various medicines; and changes in my diet, nothing seemed to help. I felt as though we were expected to just wait it out until he outgrew it at around 12 months old. I was so tired of wishing these precious days away and so wanted to enjoy them, not to mention my whole family was miserable as a result of the constant fussiness and sleepless nights. I saw improvements in my son after the very first appointment. He began having more regular bowel movements; he was eating better; sleeping much better (from a max of 3 hours to 6.5 hours!); and generally a much happier baby. I am so grateful!



I was 27 weeks pregnancy with a baby in breech position. That's when Dr. Hort was recommended to me. Just after 1 adjustment the baby turned to the right position. After that I was getting an adjustment every week until the day of birth. And that was my biggest surprise: I gave birth to a 9lb baby just having a labour of a few hours and a 17 minute pushing stage. It was such an amazing birth experience! I never thought a birth can be so easy (my 1st was 48 hours long).


Thank you Dr. Hort for helping me so much!



Three years ago and somewhat skeptical, I entered the doors for my first appointment with Linda Miller. I had been suffering terribly with headaches and conventional medicine’s approach to throw more drugs at the problem had worn thin.


As a child I was acutely aware of big events such as Christmas and birthdays and I worried excessively. While most children were being tucked in wanting to ensure they had their favourite stuffed toy, I was more concerned as to whether or not the milk tokens had been put out and if the doors had all been locked. As the years passed one thing remained constant, I felt life’s volume intensely and was convinced I was misplaced in my body and life.


While I had heard about Homeopathy working wonders to cure colds and treat various other things, I had never considered the possibility of it helping with the feelings I had been experiencing my entire life.


While Linda Miller and homeopathy have successfully treated my debilitating headaches along with a host of other ailments, the huge and unexpected outcome from the past three years of treatment, has been that for the first time, I no longer feel things so intensely and I am finally able to put distance and space between myself and big issues.


I expect it would be difficult to understand these things if you never experienced them and that some might look at this and say, “Three years? That’s a long time.” but when you have lived with those feelings your entire life, three years is but a drop in a bucket and a small price to pay in order to finally feel like you belong in your own body and life.


It’s an incredibly freeing feeling that has resulted in my being able to do and accomplish things I never thought possible.

I’m a firm believer in Homeopathy and am forever indebted to Linda Miller for the exceptional treatment and support I have and continue to receive.

Dear Dr. Patti,

I cannot thank you enough! I was referred to Dr. Patti halfway through my pregnancy as I was experiencing a lot of hip discomfort and like most first time moms I was nervous about the impending labour. My girlfriend had seen Dr. Patti throughout her pregnancy and credits her natural drug-free labour to the prenatal chiropractic care she received, something I also strive for.

When I first met Dr. Patti she instantly put my fears at ease and explained everything about the labour process and how the adjustments help with this. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was initially nervous about getting adjustments done during pregnancy, but after the first visit I completely trusted Dr. Patti. I have had the BEST pregnancy since seeing her with little aches and pains and I know by labour experience will be so much more empowering because of the work she does!





My experience with Dr. Hort and her entire team from reception through Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, acupuncture and the mindful, intelligent chiropractic adjustments have been nothing but positive, friendly and supportive. Everyone truly cares of your wellbeing and is there to help you along your journey of whole body and mind health. In the exciting and often stressful time of pre and post natal, they don't just remember your name, but remember your story and want you to feel your best. I love the combination of chiropractic, BCST and acupuncture all under one roof. It allows for easy, convenient healing and preparation for an enjoyable labour and a healthy, happy fuss-free baby! I can't thank you all enough.