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Dr. Suhani Shah, ND

Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.)

Dr. Suhani’s journey with natural medicine began at a young age of 12 when she used complementary medicine adjunctively with conventional medicine to help address and treat scoliosis.  Through her personal health journey, she developed a desire to work in healthcare and ended up completing her undergraduate studies in Applied Human Nutrition through the University of Guelph in Ontario.  Having developed a strong passion for nutrition and biomedical sciences but felt there should be more treatment options rather than just drugs and surgery, she discovered naturopathic medicine and found an instant connection with the field.


Having graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Dr. Suhani is a regulated and licensed naturopathic doctor with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) and a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).


Dr. Suhani is eager to help moms, dads, children, and teens/adolescents in the areas of:

  • Digestive issues including diarrhea/constipation

  • Hormonal imbalances including stress management

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Low energy

  • Anxiety/depression/low mood

  • Fertility

  • Menstrual complaints

  • ADHD and other behavioural disorders

  • Pregnancy and post-partum care

  • Prolotherapy to help with joint and muscle pain (strengthens the cartilage, ligaments, connective tissue)

  • IV nutrient therapy for energy and immune support

  • B vitamin injections for energy

  • Hormonal, food sensitivity, and digestive testing


Carla Mason,

Pelvic Health Physical Therapist


A true optimist, Carla believes all experiences have greater purpose. After delivering her first baby Carla personally experienced the impact that pelvic floor dysfunction can have on ones well-being. This guided her professional practice towards helping others maintain, improve and "restore their floor”


Carla completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from St. Francis Xavier University and went on to complete her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto.   

After graduation, Calgary became home to where Carla developed a diverse practice in orthopaedics and continued post graduate course work including her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.                                                                                          

Now directing her clinical focus in Pelvic Health, Carla has completed her training through the course offerings of the Canadian teaching company Pelvic Health Solutions. Her most recent course work includes study in the area of Functional Nutrition allowing for an informed and holistic approach to her practice.

Chloe Rothlin, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Chloe’s gentle and caring nature fuels her desire to deliver quality massage therapy to her clients. She is passionate about her work and aims to help her clients feel empowered throughout their wellness journey.


Chloe studied at Lethbridge College, where she completed her 2200 hour diploma in Massage Therapy in 2017. She specializes in prenatal, deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation massage. Chloe also practices hot stone massage, as well as dynamic cupping. 

Chloe has a keen interest in pre and postnatal health care. In addition to having been trained in prenatal massage, Chloe has taken Doula courses in both England and Canada, and hopes to eventually expand her practise to include postnatal Doula care.

Dr. Melanie Mercer, TCMD, R.Ac 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor/Acupuncture


Melanie Mercer graduated from The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, B.C. in 2006 with a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree.


Melanie is entirley inspired by the practice of Chinese Medicine. She practices herbal medicine, acupuncture, and employs other Chinese Medicince techniques such as moxibustion, cupping and diet therapy. She welcomes all clients in all conditions of health.

Melanie focuses her work on one of the fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine, which is to restore the client's authentic state of harmony and encourage a return to optimal health. This harmony, for example, can assist couples with conception, alleviate problems with digestion, and allow diabetes to stablize.


Since 2006 Melanie has taken special interest in reproductive health. She has treated many complex cases concerning reproductive health and gained valuble experience with those engaged in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IUI, IVF), as well as, with many who choose natural process.


Melanie is dedicated and passionate about continuing her education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to enhance her ability to assist her clients. She studied with TCM gynecology and fertility expert Jane Lyttleton, author of Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Destiny and The Clinical Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She most recently spent time with Dr. Cynthia Govaki founder of the Govaki Transverse Technique designed for the management of pain in chronic sports injuries.


Chelsey McConnach, PT
Chelsea Salt, RMT

Physical Therapist

Chelsey graduated with a Masters of Science degree in Physiotherapy (2012) from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh, Scotland) following a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (2009) from University of Calgary.


Chelsey loves treating moms of all ages and stages and babies up to 6 months of age. She has completed specialised Pelvic Health Physiotherapy courses for Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Pain and Pregnancy along with being an experienced orthopaedic manual therapist.


Other specialities include; Practical Paediatric Physiotherapy 0-6 months, Acupuncture, Functional Dry Needling®, Post-Concussion Syndrome rehabilitation, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA),  Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy (Level 2), Mulligan Manual Therapy technique. Outside of clinic time she enjoys spending time with her family, running, yoga and leading a positive, balanced lifestyle.

Registered Massage Therapist

Chelsea offers a variety of services to help our practice members reach and maintain their health goals including deep tissue and Swedish relaxation therapy. In addition, she also provides hot stone massage, which can relieve chronic  pain , reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. She also performs cupping and lymphatic drainage. The intent is to release tension, increase circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. These services are commonly used to treat pain, restriction and boost the immune system.


Chelsea also offers Pediatric and Prenatal massage. Prenatal massage can offer tranquil relaxation and reduce stress. You may also find relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs. Prenatal massage can increase blood and lymph circulation, which can help to reduce swelling.


Pediatric massage can boost brain function, improve the immune system, provide a sensory and motor stimulation, aids in a better quality of sleep, promotes body awareness, and relieves gas, colic, indigestion .

Linda Miller, Classical Homeopath, BMus, DCH, CCH 

Classical Homeopath, BMus, DCH, CCH


Linda Miller is a homeopath known for her pediatric specialty, working in the Calgary area since 2007. Alongside her full-time practice, she has lectured to hundreds of parents, medical students, and professionals on the safe use of remedies at home or in adjunct to other therapies. 


A practitioner in the student-run medical clinic at Calgary's Drop-In Centre in 2012, Ms. Miller has seen the potential of homeopathic treatment for the homeless, and continues to offer treatment at a low cost in the Student Clinic at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine. A dynamic speaker, she has been seen and heard on local television and radio giving her views on alternative medicine. 


As a founder of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, she directs a four year programme whose mandate is to raise the standard of homeopathic education in Canada. Linda Miller is certified with the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths, and the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. Her summary of researchof a new remedy, Niobium, was published in the Fall 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Homeopath. 


A homeopath product formulator, she has been involved in the creation of Health Canada approved Mozi-Q and Mederi line of products. 


A classically trained singer, and a mother of two grown daughters, Linda enlivens her work with rich experiance in the arts, natural birth, parenting, and healthy lifestyle choices. 

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