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Kinesiotape has been used to treat issues such as:



  • Neck muscle tension

  • Back pain/injuries

  • Shoulder pain/injuries

  • Knee pain/injuries

  • Ankle pain/injuries

  • Foot pain/injuries

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Joint instability/pain during pregnancy

  • Muscle, joint, and lactation support during pregnancy

  • Pediactric conditions

Kinesiotape is a hypoallergenic tape originally developed in Japan, where it has been used extensively since the early 1980’s. It was developed to provide outside assistance to aid in the normal function of tissues and thus promote more effective healing.


It was officially introduced in North America in 1995, and is currently used by every professional sports team in Japan and by many professional teams in the U.S.A., Canada, South America, Europe, and other parts of Asia. That being said, the primary use for Kinesiotape is with non-athletes due to its many benefits. It is used extensively by physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other health care professionals. The gentleness of the tape and the methods of application allow individuals to wear the tape for several days per application, resulting in therapeutic benefits 24 hours a day while it is worn. Popular brands include KTape and Rocktape

Kinesiotape has many beneficial properties, including the ability to: improve muscle function; increase lymphatic drainage; improve joint function; relieve pain; improve fascial function; and stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems.

Kinesiotape is applied directly to the skin over the area of injury. The type of injury will dictate the number of pieces of tape and the manner in which they are applied. The tape does not create any additional discomfort to the area of injury.


The tape needs to be applied to clean, dry skin. Prior to a kinesiotape application please ensure skin is clean and dry, and free of any oils or creams. Please wear clothes that allow us to comfortablly reach the affected area and apply the Kinesiotape, or bring/wear a tank top or pair of shorts to your treatments.


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