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Apple Cheeks Diaper -Orange Dragonflies

Apple Cheeks Diaper -Orange Dragonflies

C$25.00 Regular Price
C$12.50Sale Price

Simply use, wash and reuse!

Our Applecheeks TE2 diaper (All in 2) is the waterproof outer shell in which you must add an absorbent insert (not included: to see our absorbent inserts, go here: inserts ). This is the most flexible diaper in our range, you decide its absorption capacity!

Two possible uses, for even more flexibility!

- The insert can be placed ON the diaper. We only replace the insert at each change and we keep the outer layer for 2 or 3 changes = very economical solution.

- The insert can slip inside IN the pocket provided for this purpose. We replace the entire diaper and insert at each change = very practical solution.

If you are looking for an economical system that you can modulate according to the desired absorption (day and night), the TE2 diaper (all in 2) is made for you!

Adjustable and comfortable:

A single size that suits most babies from birth to continence, thanks to our scalable system: rows of snaps on the front of the diaper allow you to adjust the size from 2.8 kg to 16 kg.

The Applecheeks diaper is very effective thanks to a snug and durable elastic around the waist and legs. Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps allow the diaper to be adjusted at the legs and waist. The closures are snaps and close forward.

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