Pregnancy Information, Resources & Research


Here are some great sites for information related to many pregnancy related topics.

Pregnancy Resources

C-Sections & VBAC


Exercise - A Fresh Look at Exercise and Pregnancy


Drugs in Labour


Midwifery & Chiropractic: Bonding for Life


Birth Unlimited - A Resource Centre for Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting



Midwifery Groups 

Aurora Midwifery 

Birth Partnership Midwives

Briar Hill Midwives

Cochrane Midwives

Honeycomb Midwives

Calgary Midwives Collective



Doulas - Swell Mama - Kirsten Wallace 

Doulas - Joanna Nightengale, Maternus

Birthing From Within Childbirth Preperation - Joanna Nightengale, Maternus

Doulas - Healthy Birth Choices - Rhonda Gordon

Doulas - Calgary Childbirth Education Association

Post-Partum Doulas - Sacred Nest -Jennifer Hammer

Post-Partum Doulas - Jacquie Kesler


Birthing Education Classes

Healthy Birth Choices - Rhonda Gordon


Birthing Support

Born Clear birthing method

Discussion forums and over 400 Natural Childbirth articles

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