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Dr. Hort's Get Your Strong Body Back On Track program

includes therapies, treatments and workshops as described below.



Pelvic Floor Health and Recovery

It’s so much more than Kegels!! 

Dr. Patti Hort, and our Physical Therapists Carla Mason and Chelsey McConnach team up to bring your pelvic floor back to where it should be. This approach brings you the best of the best in current techniques and therapies from chiropractors, biomechanists, physical therapists, kinesiologists and personal trainers who all deal specifically with pelvic floor issues.  Our treatment program is a pelvic floor optimizing program for any woman. We evaluate joint function, balance, gait and range of motion to ensure that you have the ability to move and are approaching the soft tissue correction with a good foundation. With this information, the combined chiropractic, physio evaluation and exercise treatment is specific to your needs.  It is a comprehensive approach that can benefit you whether you are pregnant and want to prevent pelvic floor issues, are a new mom looking to recover quickly and do so properly, or if you have concerns with incontinence, pain with intercourse or other pelvic floor challenges.

The Ultimate Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop

Dr. Patti Hort and our fitness expert, Jen Powter, present a hands-on workshop sharing with you the latest techniques, the do's and don'ts, the real truth about getting your core strength back.  Whether you have a diastasis, pelvic floor concerns/symptoms, the mommy tummy or low back and pelvis discomfort, this workshop nails it on what you need to be doing (and what you should not be doing) to get your body back on track.  ****Coming soon in an online version!!!****


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