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Lactation Consultant Services 


Whether you have a newborn or have an older infant, seeing a lactation consultant can answer many of your breastfeeding questions. Jody Calvert, our Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), is available in the Center and is available for home visits.  


Lactation consultant appointments begin with an overview of your obstetric and general health and an assessment of mom and baby, including mom’s breast and nipples, emotional state, baby’s weight, mouth structure, tongue, suck, and head / neck alignment.

At this point, Jody will perform a complete assessment of baby’s breastfeeding patterns, including milk transfer, suck/swallow pattern, comfort, and efficiency. The goal is to identify the underlying cause for the breastfeeding issue(s).Once the source of the problem has been identified, she will help you with baby’s latch, positioning, and the use of breastfeeding tools as needed. 


Seeing a lactation consultant can help with an abundance of complex breastfeeding challenges including and not limited to: 


  • Tongue tie and Lip tie assessment and post treatment care

  • Infant latching and feeding challenges

  • Sore nipples

  • Low milk supply

  • Too much milk

  • Engorgement/Mastitis

  • Yeast and Thrush

  • Medications and breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding multiples

  • Newborns, toddlers and beyond


Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes which help you prepare for baby are held monthly at the Center. Sign up for classes to check for the next date.


Lactation consultant services are part of our Post Tongue Tie/Lip Tie Treatment Program which also includes chiropractic care. 


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