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Sacred Pregnancy & Childbirth Education Classes 


Sacred Pregnancy Classes 


Join Kirsten Wallace and Meagan Synott as they bring us Sacred Pregnancy. There are a variety of sessions that are included in this amazing program. Empower your birth experience as well as your partner's. Topics discussed include:


  • sacred space                                           

  • connection + expectations                        

  • meditation                                                 

  • relationships + romance                            

  • love labor method                                      

  • Pregnancy + Birth Art                            

  • Rite of passage postpartum "mother roasting" information


If you are pregnant and want to connect with other women in sisterhood, this is the place for you.


Childbirth Education 2 Day Intensive


Join experienced CAPPA certified educators, doulas and pre/postnatal yoga instructors Meagan Synnott and Kirsten Wallace for a full weekend (15 hours) that will help you:


  • understand the physical changes that happen during pregnancy, labour and birth

  • discover what makes birth ‘work’ (creating the ideal conditions for birth)

  • feel confident in making key decisions that will impact how your birth unfolds

  • understand the hows and whys of interventions and why things don’t always go ‘to plan’

  • learn about the various medical and non-medical pain relief option - their risks and benefits

  • practice positions that will increase comfort and during labour and birth

  • learn Doula tips and tricks to thrive in labour and reduce the chances of interventions/lengthy births

  • understand the basics of breastfeeding, how to prepare and tips for success

  • feel more prepared for life ‘after birth’, bringing home baby and the realities of postpartum


Labour and Birth Prep Sunday Workshop

Our Labour and Birth Preparation Workshops are 2.5 -3 hours of preparation, practice and discovering ways to support and love a mama during labour and birth. This is ideally suited for Mamas in their third trimester accompanied by their life and/or birth support partner. In this workshop you will have an overview of what labour looks and sounds like. We share insightful information on best practices for thriving in early labour (which can last for days!) as well as for active labour (when interpreting body language becomes very important!)

We will cover optimal positions for both comfort and for baby-shifting (as baby's position in-utero during labour has a HUGE impact on how labour progresses and on mom's comfort levels!) We will also discuss natural methods for preparing mind and body for labour and we invite 1-2 guest speakers to each workshop who will share their expertise and insight on preparing for labour and birth.





  • rebozo

  • journalling

  • body image + food

  • mother blessings

  • sisterhood + support

  • honoring the pregnancy journey

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