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IV (Intravenous) nutritional therapy is a form of injection therapy where vitamins (Vitamin C and various B vitamins), minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, and others), amino acids (L-glutathione, L-taurine, L-carnitine, L-glutamine, and others), and, other nutrients can be delivered directly into the bloodstream allowing for an enhanced absorption rate compared to oral supplementation.
Intravenous delivery of vitamins and minerals bypasses the gut, therefore, avoiding any absorption issues that may occur with oral intake of these nutrients, particularly if individuals have a lot of digestive difficulties and irritation in their gut.
IV solutions contain a variety of nutrients that when delivered into your blood at higher concentrations, move across your blood vessel walls into the tissues and cells of your body.  It is best to be well hydrated prior to your treatment to allow for the maximum nutrient transfer and energy optimization.
To obtain the most benefit from IV therapy or know if IV therapy may benefit your health, booking an initial naturopathic assessment is vital.  This allows our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Suhani, ND, to review your health concerns and perform a head-to-toe review of systems to determine an individualized IV formulation as part of a comprehensive naturopathic treatment protocol for you so you can really optimize your health. This process also helps to identify and address the root cause of your health concern(s) such as a digestive or hormonal imbalance that may be contributing to your fatigue and low energy for example.
Interested? Call the clinic at 403-247-9301 or book your initial naturopathic assessment online.


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