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10 Reasons You Need a Homeopath

10 reasons to see a homeopath

Would you benefit from seeing a homeopath? Here are our top ten reasons to schedule your next homeopath appointment.

1. Homeopathic medicine gets to the cause and helps the body heal. Chronic and recurring conditions such as sleep problems, asthma, autoimmune disease, brain injury, skin problems, digestive issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorders can all be helped with homeopathy.

2. Acute infectious disease such as ear or throat infections, childhood illnesses, fevers, cold and flu all respond beautifully to homeopathic medicine to shorten the time of illness and reduce the likelihood of complications without the use of toxic medicines.

3. If you suspect long-term repercussions in a child, such as medical interventions during conception, pregnancy or delivery, homeopathy can go back to traumatic events and reverse their effects.

4. A deep-acting constitutional remedy can reach hereditary issues related to development, cognition, and susceptibility to disease.

5. If you have had many rounds of antibiotics and the pattern of illness persists, homeopathic treatment can help change those patterns, reducing the frequency and intensity of illness and the need for more antibiotics.

6. If you choose homeoprophylaxis for educating the immune system, a homeopath is trained to assist you with this.

7. Concerns with digestion, assimilation of nutrients, or food allergies can all be corrected with homeopathic treatment.

8. New Moms that are not coping well with a fussy baby can get help for their shifting hormones and sleep deprivation. Homeopathy can also correct what is making your baby inconsolable. If you have lingering healing issues from the birth, whether physical or emotional, homeopathic treatment can speed the healing process along so you can get back to feeling like yourself, making life with you and your family happy and fulfilling.

9. If you have had many tests and diagnostics with no clear diagnosis and no successful treatment, yet you continue to have sign and symptoms of disease, homeopathy can help before organic changes in tissue can be found in diagnostics.

10. If you struggle to change patterns of behavior or circumstances, homeopathy changes you at the level of your vibration that may be maintaining what you don’t want in life or health.


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