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Are Foods Making You Unwell?

It’s November! This means that we are getting to that festive period which includes lots of food and holiday parties with coworkers, family, and/or friends. Are you dreading the feasts because they leave you gaining “holiday weight” or worse, leave you or your child feeling bloated, having tummy pain or unwell? Feeling bloated, gassy, or having tummy pain after a meal can indicate a reaction to one or more foods consumed. This reaction isn’t always a food allergy and there can be numerous other reasons why you may be reacting to a specific food.

The three most common reasons behind food reactions are food allergies, food sensitivities, and food intolerances.

Food sensitivities: IgG-mediated delayed hypersensitivity immune reactions which means symptoms can show up 2-3 days or longer after a food is consumed. This can be identified through a IgG food sensitivity test or a strict elimination protocol.

Food allergies: IgE-mediated immediate hypersensitivity immune reactions which means the symptoms show up within minutes after consuming the food. This is typically done through a skin scratch test or IgE serum blood test.

Food intolerances: These are typically limited to digestive symptoms and can be related to low stomach acid, enzyme deficiencies, IBD, IBS, or, microbial dysbiosis / overgrowth such as yeast, mold, bacterial imbalance, or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

If you are curious to know whether you or your child’s symptoms are related to a food reaction or something else, book a naturopathic consultation with our ND to figure it out so you can choose the right foods this holiday season and not feel bloated or in pain. Also, did you know that depending on your extended health benefit plan, some plans cover diagnostic testing as part of the naturopathic coverage so don’t forget to check your plan!


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