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Are You Feeling Like Your Hormones May Be Off?

Have you been feeling like your hormones are off but other than testing your thyroid hormones (or maybe just TSH), it has been a struggle to get your family physician to test any other hormones?

Dr. Suhani, our naturopathic doctor, offers hormone testing options through blood or urine and will guide you to which hormones to test based on your health status and also the best time of day and when in a woman’s cycle to test them. Blood tests can give a snapshot of how much hormone is circulating in the blood where the DUTCH comprehensive hormone panel measures the hormones in the urine. The latter represents the body’s utilization and metabolism of the hormone. The comprehensive panel also includes metabolites that cannot be tested in the blood which is especially useful when you have PCOS and symptoms of high androgens like hair loss, acne, and excess facial hair growth OR symptoms of excess estrogen like breast tenderness, mood swings around your period, heavy flow or painful periods to see how well your body is detoxifying estrogen.

Yes, men can also benefit from testing their hormones because increased estrogen in males can lead to “man-boobs”, weight gain, and low libido. The test also measures DHT which is the metabolite of testosterone that has been shown to play a role in an enlarged prostate.

This comprehensive hormone panel also offers a snapshot at your cortisol rhythm throughout the day for both males and females. Cortisol is our “stress hormone” and when we are undergoing a lot of stress, these levels can be high but over time and through long periods of stress, cortisol can start to decrease eventually leading to feeling fatigued all day and burnt out. Since we all have gone through two years of stress and uncertainty in the world, it can be a great time to test your cortisol rhythm to know the appropriate adrenal support you need so that 2023 can be a productive and energetic year.

Curious about your hormones? Book an initial naturopathic consultation by calling the clinic or booking online at Dr. Suhani offers quick discovery calls if you are looking for more info before getting started on your health journey.


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