It’s Time to Stop Suffering from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

November 6, 2017


The tender time after giving birth is a particularly vulnerable season in a new mom’s life.  As your body quickly repairs itself after pregnancy and child-birth, it's common to experience intense sadness, withdrawal, sleep difficulties and feelings of inadequacy. 


So how can a new mom know if what she’s experiencing is typical and will pass, or if she needs help?


At Dr. For Moms, we want to remove the guessing game by creating a nurturing community for women who have just given birth.  Our recent focus groups show us that postpartum depression and anxiety is common, and struggling women have a hard time finding the help and support they need. 


That is where we come in.


Our commitment to you doesn’t end once you’re holding your baby in your arms.  Instead we want to create a safe environment that focuses on community support and natural health practices. 


Getting rid of the stigma that surrounds postpartum depression and anxiety i